We handle
express transport
in controlled temperature conditions.

GDP Certificate

The quality of our services is provided by Good Distribution Practices Certificate issued by SGS.

Controlled temperature
conditions 24/7

By offering cold chain transport services to our clients we guarantee carriage of the load at a controlled temperature ranging from -25°C to +25°C regardless of weather conditions 24/7.


We are certified with ATP FRC and FRC/X. We take care ofevery detail in safety of cargo. Certificate ATP is a guarantee of high quality of our trucks.


Each car is equipped with GPS and temperature monitoring. Both the driver of the vehicle and the team stationed in Warsaw are immediatelyalerted to any temperature deviations, which takes appropriate steps toensure the safety of the goods.

and mapping

Measuring sensors located in all vehicles of our fleet are controlled, calibrated and mapped to ensure the highest possible accuracy of the recorded temperature. Temperature sensor checks are carried out by external companies that issue certificates of validation of the measuring device.

safety of load

Security systems, procedures, extra locks connected with monitory system are the guarantee of high safety of load.


We offer individual transport to every order. Once loaded vehicle is locked down and opened only at unloading point.

critical transport

Our vehicles are ready to go 24/7. We have an ability to provide transport between factories and airports across the whole Europe.


We provide express international transport at a controlled temperature in all European Union countries and in selected European countries outside the EU. We also reach European islands such as Sicily, Corsica, Malta and others.

Robano operate since 2010 provide trusted and safe link in cold chain logistics. We cooperate with many of European medical companies, pharmaceutics, clinics and many more, who needs transport in controlled conditions.

About Us

We are environmentally friendly, we meet EURO-6 standards.

Our Fleet