Logistics solutions for clinical research

We support the supply, distribution, and logistics requirements of clinical research centers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries worldwide.

Blind shipping

We will help you collect the goods from the manufacturer, repackage them into neutral packaging in the safe conditions of our pharmaceutical warehouse and organize the documentation to ensure the anonymity of your source.
With Blind Shipping, you don’t have to worry that the end recipient or competitors will get your supplier’s contact details.

Delivery directly to the patient

Direct-to-Patient is the premium service we offer our customers. As part of an integrated supply chain system, we enable patients to receive their medicines in their own homes or workplace – thus supporting both clinical trials and the distribution of licensed finished products.

Pick and Pack

Do you need help with completing your customers’ orders? We will collect the goods from the manufacturer and then prepare appropriately compiled pallets of products, which will be delivered to designated pharmacy points or hospitals.
Robano provides refrigerated storage and packaging of goods. We also provide a packaging and labeling service for your convenience.

Distribution of medicines and returns management

As part of our national cooperation, we are able to distribute medicinal products in Poland. We offer storage, repackaging and labelling.
We provide a professional after-sales service and handle returns of damaged or withdrawn from circulation products.

Replacement for drugs

We purchase medicinal products on request based on the parameters specified by the ordering party. We supply medicines necessary to conduct tests and clinical trials.

Packaging for sensitive goods

Our offer includes specialised thermo-packaging by well-known manufacturers, i.e. Va-q-tec, Sonoco, and disposable loggers.
We use packaging for dry ice, VIP (vacuum isolated packaging), we use water and PCM-based cartridges.
We maintain the highest safety standards in both road and air transport.