High-Value Transport


Robano has been TAPA-certified by the TUV certification body since 2021. The Transported Asset Protection Association is an organization founded in 1997 that brings together logistics and transport companies worldwide. Its safety standards define the minimum acceptable procedural and security systems that are necessary for the safe transport of high-value products.
Robano is certified at TSR Level 1, which confirms the highest possible standards of both operating systems for monitoring and tracking vehicles and the physical security of vehicles used in our fleet.

Safe transports

We provide comprehensive care for the goods entrusted to us. At the customer’s request, we organize double manning with drivers or travel in a convoy. The offer applies to transporting both valuable goods and those that are highly sensitive to changes in ambient temperature such as Covid-19 vaccines or electronic devices.

Monitoring team

We have our own real-time cargo monitoring team. We operate 24/7. Two separate tracking systems allow us to determine in real time both the location of the goods and any temperature deviations.
We operate on the basis of our own quality management system compatible with ISO 9001